Tweet tweet!

I am obsessed with Twitter. I love stalking my favorite celebrities and seeing what they have to say. I like writing random things like "rebeccajessene thinks you're super delicious." As I've made my twitter obsession public by posting it on my facebook, I've learned that I know people who tweet, and it's made my life that much more exciting.

Tweeting is like mini blogging. Which is PERFECT for me, a person who never knows what to write a blog about. I come up with random thoughts constantly though and they never come to blog fruition, though they totally could be blog-worthy. So, thats what I love about Twitter, I can write these random thoughts there as a mini blog. are you understanding me? probably not. I don't think I can properly express my thoughts here. 

Anyway, if you have twitter, follow me. I linked you there on the above link.

Oh also, my lovely aunt is having a give away on her blog (Imperfectly Beautiful). She just revealed her lovely Etsy store & has TONS of fabulous prezzies (aka. presents) you can fight for the death for. I recommend going to check her out. 

NEXT TIME: a review on the strap perfect & a possible strap perfect give away... TELL YOUR FRIENDS!


Kristina P. said...

And I hate Twitter! I feel like I'm on crack when I use it. I so don't get it. I'm no spring chicken anymore.

jojo said...

Found my way over from Manda's... hope you return to blogging soon and show us some DIY tricks! Have a good weekend..;p

Jennifer said...

I saw the pumpkins you helped your aunt Manda make, I just had to stop by and tell you how cute they are!! Great job!

Kris said...

Manda said we were to "prompt you" in getting on your blog and doing it. Just like you made her finish a project. You have talent - please share your idea's with us. We love new things!

The pumpkins are awesome!!!

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