Repurposing at its Finest

I wanted to feature a little something that I think is super cute today on my blog.

This FABULOUS soap dispenser!

This one featured above is an old glass coke bottle, purchased at an antique store, filled with dawn dish soap with a pourer inserted in the top of the bottle. My dad is the one who makes these. He'll send one of his little dish soap dispensers with me or my mother whenever we go to a wedding shower or housewarming party, and they are always met with rave reviews.

These are some other bottles turned dispensers we have in our kitchen. There is one for different kinds of oils we need when cooking, I think there is a vinegar one. I just love the way they look together, and I'm all for repurposing!

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Tracey said...

manda sent me, please tell us about your back splash!!

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