So, as I mentioned I am doing this photo challenge, my friends that are also doing it are doing legit photography, but I am doing iPhone photography. I have scoured the web for tips and tricks and recommendations on the best apps to use, and I would say that the set-up I have now is a good starter set up.

Of course we have the Camera and Photos which are both stock apps that come on the iPhone.

iPhoto was recently released for the iPhone and iPad and I think it is a great resource to have in editing my photos, fixing coloring, removing blemishes and red-eye. It makes your iPhone/iPad into a better mobile computing device in my opinion. At just $4.99 you can have this app on your iPhone and if you have an iPad that is synced through iCloud you can have it on both devices, which makes it a better value if you ask me.

Next I have Instagram which is a Free app (wanna know a secret, most of my apps are free). I use instagram to add filters to my photos to give them a vintage feel. Another cool feature of this app is that you can add focus and blur out everything but what you focus on. I also learned a lot of tricks and tips on how to use this app from fat mum slim's blog.

Next we have Hipstamatic, this app is $1.99 in the app store. I have heard that there is a free version, it's Hipstamatic disposable and you can use it with friends as a social camera and I believe you are limited in the amount of pictures you can take, but don't quote me on that. I actually just downloaded Hipstamatic this morning and am still learning it, but from what I can tell it takes some cool pictures. You can change lenses and flashes to achieve different looks on your Hipstamatic photos.

Frametastic is a good app for if you want to create a mosaic look, you can combine several photos, and also filter them to add sepia tones, b&w, etc. And this app is Free!

Pixlromatic is another free app with tons of filter options. Can you tell I really like filters? Well, actually I like the variety of different looks I can achieve by using these apps, you can actually layer looks, but I haven't really gotten fancy enough to do all that yet. (p.s. this app is also free)

Next is maskingtape. I just got this app last night, but I can already tell I love it. See the fancy gingham washi tape on my pic up there? I did that using masking tape. I paid $0.99 for this app, but it is really worth it. There are hundreds of options as far as prints and colors go. Plus, you can add text. The font options in this app are limited, that's why we have the next app...

Phonto! I love typography, and this app allows me to add text to photos. I used a font from this app to write the title on top of my washi tape on the picture featured above. There are tons of font options in this app, and the best part about it is that this is a Free app!

labelbox is another free app that you can download to add text and banners to your photos. There aren't as many options available to use as maskingtape offers or as many type faces as phonto offers. But this app combines them to make some nice effects. I did just download this last night and from playing around with it, it felt sluggish and I wasn't loving it.

Finally, we have, Lens+. To be quite honest with you I haven't played with this one much. It is a camera replacement from what I can gather and is similar to Hipstamatic. This app was also free.

I was recommended to try out both of these from some fabulous blogs, which I wish I could reference, but I can't remember if I googled to find them or saw them on Pinterest.

In conclusion, this is a good mix of camera options and editing tools, and you can have this same set up for about $8!!! Compared to other set-ups I looked at this is a steal!

Do you have any other photo apps that you love? Leave them in the comments!!

p.s. who likes my background with Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly and Cat from Breakfast at Tiffany's??


brasspeacock said...

Have you tried Camera Awesome? It's free and it helps me with lighting.

FranklyBecca said...

I haven't tried Camera Awesome, I'll look into it!

Ronnie said...

Awesome crib

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