My BEAST Kohl's Deal

I have heard time and time again of the deals that people get at Kohl's. As part of my quest to be a coupon queen I am learning to master these deals.

For Christmas I received a $50 gift card to Kohl's. I know about Kohl's Cash and that you typically earn $10 when you spend $50, so this was my plan. I also know that Kohl's sellsI  Fiesta which is a type of ceramic kitchen wear that my family always has used.

I made the plan to use this gift card during a time when Fiesta was on sale AND that Kohl's was giving out Kohl's Cash. This happened about a week and a half ago. I had also realized the need for a George Foreman grill, which I could have bought at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they only had MASSIVE sized one and since I typically cook for 1-2 people, that's not necessary.

So, I placed an order with Kohls.com to get a George Foreman grill and 3 of the Fiesta Buffet plates. It was a little over $50, but only by like $10. My Kohl's cash was emailed to me, I originally had planned to use this to purchase another piece of Fiesta.

When I was visiting the Centerville family on Saturday, the topic of Kohl's came up. Mainly because Ryan works for Kohl's. And they all have Kohl's charge cards and get bonus coupons that only card holders get. They had coupons for 30% off when they used the charge card.

As I mentioned before, we had gone to Target earlier in the day and looked at the Valentine's stuff that was on sale. They had one of those cake pop pans marked down and it would have been $8.52, I was tempted, but decided that I really wanted to get a Babycakes cake pop maker so I left the pan at Target.

When we were looking at the ad for Kohl's the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker was on sale for $17.99. Cheapest I have seen it anywhere. I also had my $10 Kohl's Cash, which would make it 7.99, and my Aunt and Uncle had extra coupons, so they shared with me. I got 30% off of 7.99, which made the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker $5.96!!! And that was after taxes!

I was so impressed that I got this appliance for next to nothing. I can't wait to use it. I am looking for some recipes, and may end up buying the Babycakes Cookbook from Kohls or Amazon in the future.

I plan to in the future get a deal on the Fiesta utensil set (seriously, go check it out! It's adorbs!).

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