whats this?

a new post from your old buddy becca?!
yep, its me.

i just have to say, that i have missed the blogging world. i haven't done so well keeping up with blogs i have always loved and finding new blogs to follow. I have decided that now is the time to get back into several online things that I used to do often and that i really enjoyed.

1 - polyvore
I adore making "sets" and getting feedback on them. it's so much fun, and for all you little fashonistas or maxxinistas out there ;) i say you check this little gem out if you havent already.

I need to keep up with this blog (& craft more) and my personal blog.

really those are the only two online activities i havent done so well keeping up with. im turning over a new leaf. simplifying life. who says you cant start a new years resolution in April? probably the people that say you have to start a diet on a Monday. silly gooses err geese :P

i know this post isn't much, but i dont want ya'll to give up hope on me. i will blog more. even if once a month is more :P haha... i dont think that is going to be the case though.

heart you


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Well, I {{PUFFY HEART}} you!!! So glad to see you back in the blogosphere. I missed you! And I miss you around the Burg as well. Come visit me soon. I had a blast at our sleepover.


P.S. I am completley in love with the look of your blog. Cute, cute, cute...especially the header!

Bethny said...

I totally heart you and look forward to your posts.

Suzanne Carey said...

Your Blog is so cute Becca! I love it!!!!

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