Happy Birthday Cake!

I have been meaning to blog this for weeks. I saw my little post it note in my room this morning of blog ideas and decided to run with it. I mean mostly because my other option was to blog about the recent buying frenzy I went into at my local Target when they had their Missoni stock. But that is another story... one that I don't know if I'll tell, mostly because pretty much everything I purchased got returned since they were impulse purchases.

A few posts ago I mentioned my current love for Pinterest - this cake, that I made recently for my mother's birthday, was a product of my cake-spiration pinboard.

I made the cake from a white cake mix, plus my secret ingredient... LOVE! Just kidding, just a teensy bit of almond extract. The icing was just a basic buttercreme. I learned something though while making this icing, most people use milk in their buttercreme, well at least members of my extended family do, but I have never in my life added milk. I just melt/soften a stick of butter, add some powdered sugar and water to consistency, and also my secret ingredient... you know, the same one I mentioned before.
I used a large star tip in making the rosettes, the same star tip that I use to ice my cupcakes like this:

Except, instead of icing from the outside in, I went inside to out for the rosettes, and did varying sizes.
The cake was a BIG hit at the family function. I only left the party with one normal sized piece for myself. Everyone raved and wanted cake to take home with them. Which is a big confidence booster for an amateur cake maker such as my self.

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