So I have this fancy SmArt PhOne (put in crazy caps and italics to emphasize its smartness), which I actually sometimes call a GENIUS PHONE for the mere fact that it literally can do anything.

I have an HTC Evo 4g from Sprint. When I first got this phone, almost a year ago, I was like, this is awesome! It has so much potential! But, I have never fully used it to its greatest potential. Not until recently have I even attempted to.

Yeah, I have a calendar built in to my phone, but do I use it? Not until about a month ago! I guess I didn't realize that since it is an Android powered phone it is connected to Google, and I can use my calendar connected to my gmail. I don't know why I never thought of that.

But yeah, I recently (about 3 months ago) purchased an iPad2. I LOVE IT! And it also can sync the calendar to my google, which makes me SUPER happy!

I have also recently gotten really into task managing. So naturally since I am a Mac using, iPad owning, Android phone user (I know something there doesn't quite fit)... I went on the look for an App that I can use amongst these three devices. I found a FREE App callled Wunderlist. It can be used as a web app on google chrome (on my work computer), as an app on my iPad and Android phone, also as an app on my MacBook Pro. I love it. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Keeping a calendar, and managing my tasks has reduced stress in my life, and helped me to be more productive, AND has also allowed my devices to realize a bit more of their potential in my life.

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