My Crib!

[WARNING: Picture heavy post!]

I recently did something crazy... I moved from the 70 degree winter weather in Louisiana to the -3 degree winter weather in Orem, Utah. I moved in with my cousin who made the cross country move from Virginia. I wanted to show off our crib so my friends and family can see how I am living these days.

As you walk in the door to escape the frozen tundra-esque temps you will see this area. Our thrift store find of a couch along with an IKEA coffee table and a retro console which will eventually receive some T.L.C.

Leave your shoes here at our little mat and greet Joseph our vermillion plant

 Here you can get a better peek at the console and can see Hootie the owl a little better.

 And our couch! It reclines, well only one side actually works, but we got a good deal on it so it is ok that it halfway works.

Moving on to the kitchen!
We have more IKEA furniture (kitchen table and chairs) and a fully stocked kitchen with the best tools, of course!

Close up of our fridge. And check out the paper missionary!

Another view of the table and kitchen.

A few of my fave things: Kitchenaid Mixer, Fred and Friends nesting doll measuring cups, Fiesta knife set (!!!), and Fred and Friends salt and pepper wands.

Here we go down the hallway. First we have a bathroom and then we come to the end of the hallway where the door on the left is my room and the right is my cousin/roommate, Ashley's room.


This is Katniss my present from Gramps his "essence of cat-ness"

Finally got my Malm IKEA bed that I have wanted for at least the last 5 years. And of course, Audrey made the journey to Utah with me... Couldn't have it any other way!

IKEA dresser in the closet. Money lei which was a gift from a ward member. Hung it up for good luck.

Jewelry organization atop the IKEA dresser.

Desk area and book case. All furniture featured is IKEA furniture. Looking at these pics is making me realize that I need to do something to snazz up the background of the book case. That grey is so blahhh.

View of my window decor. I named my orchid, Susan. She likes it there in the window. Then we have Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Fisher Price Little People. And of course Aveda Hand and Foot relief and Andy Warhol soup cans.

So peeps, that is my crib! Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour!



Lady Gwynyfwar said...
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Lady Gwynyfwar said...

Adorable! I love your knife set!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Loving the new digs!! Say hello to Joseph, Hootie, Katniss, and Susan for me. ��

Dalaney & Hannah said...

Love the pics!! Especially that cool console. We have the fred wand SP shakers too!!!Dalaney wants me to tell you that Susan isn't going to like the window much longer because the coldness will kill her.

FranklyBecca said...

Please let Dalaney know that per his advice I moved Susan to the kitchen table. She didn't seem too unhappy in the window, but I could see her nerves were wearing thin, and she lost one of her leaves.

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