Be My Valentine?

As you probably know, I have a Pinterest addiction. I believe that any of life's problems have a solution that can be found on Pinterest. So naturally, I get my valentine inspiration from Pinterest. A few weeks back I found this image pinned:

found at Six Sisters Stuff
I was immediately inspired to purchase the mini Haribo bears (which Leesa and I discovered one day when we were Shopkicking at Target. (More on Shopkick in a future post) and to create my own tag which would say "I Love You Bear-y Much."

Original design by myself
I slaved over this design for about an hour and a half, trying to make it perfect. I finally came up with what we have here. My goal was to design this scalloped circle and to use my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out. I made the design, then the tricky part was getting my Silhouette to work with me. I just got this machine for Christmas and with all that I've had going on with holidays, two weddings, moving, and starting my new life, I was not able to use it much. To date, this is the second project I have done using the Silhouette. The first was vinyl letters to go on my flour and sugar canisters.

I have attached to this post a free printable that you can download and use for Valentine's. I also am going to include the .studio file for those of you who have a silhouette and may want to use your print and cut feature to make these otherwise impossible for anyone but my mother to cut out scalloped tags.

CLICK HERE to download your Silhouette Cut File for this printable

I am so excited to get to share my very first free printable with the world! Hope you enjoy!

Please share any questions or comments you have in the comments section! I love hearing from you, my loyal readers :)

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Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I'm totally using your free printable....LOVE it! Now you need a "pin it" button on your blog so I can share your awesomeness!!

Jessica McD said...

Becca.... it's JAM!
I agree with the Pin It! Option... Your printable looks fabulous. I'm sure it would spread like wildfire on pinterest. :)

FranklyBecca said...

I added a "Pin-it" button, it shows up when you hover over the image you want to pin. In this post it only shows up on the example tag.

Pin It button on image hover