Sandwich Night

For the last year or so I have had a weekly tradition that I keep up with my mom. We call it ...


It has always been on Wednesday night which also is youth night at church. When I still lived back home since my father is Bishop and my mother had church duties on Wednesday nights me and her were always left on our own to forage for food. Typically any other night of the week my father is the cook. I always had meals ready for me, even when I took them for granted and went out with friends for B Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings for those who don't know) or for buffalo breadsticks at Tommy's (sensing a pattern here?).

Wednesdays typically did not have a hot meal cooked because my father was up at church until 9-ish at night. So back to sandwich night. What did it consist of you ask? Oh it is simple. We would go to a sandwich place, pick up a sandwich, sometimes we ate there, other times we took it home. Subway was never one of the sandwich places. Probably because we often went there for lunch. Some of the spots we frequented were:
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Jimmy John's
  • Quiznos
  • Chili's (when we were feeling fancy and actually wanted a burger... which is kind of like a sandwich)
This tradition is one that we are trying to keep up even with me living halfway across the country in a different time zone. 

Tonight I will try a new sandwich joint that is here in Orem. Which 'Wich? Ever since I first saw it I have wanted to try it. And try it I will. Sorry Mommy, that you don't have "Which 'Wich?" so we can eat sandwiches from the same place, but you do understand, don't you?

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