Super Bowl Sunday

So I know I talk a lot about how I just moved out to Utah from Louisiana, but it is a huge part of my life right now. Anyway, this past Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday as I'm sure everyone already knows because even if you hate the ads, and football, you are down for some delicious Super Bowl snacks. I happen to be one of those people that enjoys the game, loves watching ads (all year round, not just during the Super Bowl), and loves the food.

This year I wasn't able to have my traditional Super Bowl party with my old roommates aka. parents. We used to always make chicken wings in a myriad of flavors, I always enjoyed when my dad made homemade buffalo sauce. Ya'll it's so much better than anything you could get out of a bottle. We would also make quesadillas and sometimes have a sweet treat, like a brownie. This year was different though, I didn't have my fammie to cook for me. I did receive a call a couple of days before inviting me over to a friend's aunt's house. This friend is someone that I met back in Louisiana. His parents are in the same ward as my parents so he actually lived there over the Summer and Christmas break.

I was glad to have something to do because I have very limited friends at the moment. I didn't even really mind having to drive an hour to get there. I knew that I could not show up empty handed so I thought and thought on what I could bring and someone recommended I bring a king cake. I really just learned how to make a king cake a few weeks ago, but I have been on fire! I made my first king cake then a couple days later made two to give away to family. Then I took a king cake hiatus for about a week and a half and decided I wanted to make one for a friend, turns out she wanted to learn how to make a king cake so I went over and helped her on her first king cakes. (She made two, and they were cream cheese filled which was heavenly!) So, I decided that a king cake for the Utah natives would be a fabulous idea. Plus the Super Bowl was in New Orleans and it's Mardi Gras back home. They loved it! And I felt like they loved having me over, which of course made me feel good.

I also brought with me a dip that I made. It was a buffalo chicken dip. I found the recipe in the coupons (more on me couponing later). It was quite delish. In fact I have some left over and  I think I will go have some right now. You can get the recipe here on my yumprint page.

I have a few questions before I go. Leave your answers in the comments!

  • What was your favorite Super Bowl ad?
  • Have you heard of or had king cake before? If yes, what is your favorite filling?
This concludes my post for today, check back for some more content. Miss you!



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Karen said...

My favorite ad was the Clydesdales and of course I have had King Cake. I love the ones filled with cream cheese. My favorite king cakes were the ones that I use to get a little store in Hammond. I can't remember the name of it. They had wonderful filled king cakes. I loved their pecan praline. Hope you enjoy living in Utah.

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